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Covid-19 Prevention and Biosecurity Hotel Hacienda El Diamante



Thanks to our extensive green areas, social distancing is safely facilitated. Our responsibility as a hotel is to prevent and avoid the risk of contagion of Covid-19 in our facilities. That's why we implement legal biosecurity regulations to protect your health and that of your family.



Hotel biosecurity measures:


  1. Our staff is trained in how to handle daily tasks in a safer way and how to use hygiene and personal protection products. Their state of health is also monitored daily.

  2. We provide personal protection elements, especially masks and gloves, to employees who interact directly with guests. All those who perform cleaning tasks in rooms, public areas, and laundry services have the main biosafety measures.

  3. We have at the disposal of guests, visitors, and workers, antibacterial gel based on glycerinated alcohol at various points of the hotel. We also have thermometers and masks.

  4. To avoid physical contact as much as possible upon arrival, we ask guests to check-in early.

  5. When entering the hotel, it is mandatory to wear face masks in public areas. The temperature of all guests is checked with a digital distance thermometer.

  6. Both the luggage suitcases and the car tires are disinfected with a sprinkler.

  7. The restaurant has a large space that guarantees social distancing of at least 2 meters between tables. In this area, it is mandatory to wear face masks and disposable gloves when going to the buffet (the hotel provides disposable gloves). We do not allow children to enter the buffet, so adults must assist them with meals.

  8. The hotel will be working with a limited capacity. For this reason, all reservations require advance confirmation.




It is everyone's responsibility to implement all biosecurity measures to avoid any contagion.

We hope you enjoy your stay and we thank all of our guests for their trust and support during these difficult times.

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